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Song For Scotland (Alba gu bràth)

Ymdrech funud-ola’ i ddangos ein cefnogaeth i’r Alban! Here is a song we just made for Scotland. From a Welsh sister and Breton brother.

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Boum! Evit ar Brezhoneg er skinwel

Deuit niverus da Blouneour-Menez disul. Gweltaz Adeux, Nolwenn Korbell, Bernez Tangi, Gweltaz ar Fur ha me a gano war lein ar menez tro 16:00. Pal an darvoud-se eo goulenn groñs ma vo krouet ur chadenn skinwel a roio o flas … Continue reading

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Lleuwen at Endangered Languages Music Festival

October 18th, 21:30 – FÁBRICA DE CULTURA, Minde (Portugal) Presentation page: Programme infos:

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“10 in a Bus” venture begins!

Could these 10 musicians bring Welsh folk to the masses? A review by Polly March on this very interesting new project.

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The Liet 2012 by Aljazeera

Here is the passage related to Lleuwen, but you can have a full reading  here, a feature with an interesting point of view upon the event. Minority languages sing out at Liet 2012 by Simon Hooper, Aljazeera, 4th dec 2012 … Continue reading

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