Pladennoù / Albums

Tân [Gwymon 2011][Coop-breizh 2011]

The shared cultural heritage of Brittany and Wales is explored in Tan, a collaborative album between French experimental double bass player Vincent Guerin and Welsh Singer Lleuwen Steffan… Read more






Penmon [Gwymon 2006]

Best known for her highly original treatment of Welsh hymns with the pianist Hew Warren, Lleuwen Steffan is one of the more quirkily intriguing singers on the new Welsh music scene… Read more






Duw A Wyr – god only knows [Sain 2005]

The hymns of the Welsh religious revival are brought alive for the 21st century by Lleuwen Steffan, Huw Warren & Mark Lockheart…

Review by Chris May [All About Jazz]




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